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Steve's first venture into the world of Truck Racing was in 1986 when he bought an old petrol tanker tractor unit from auction

This was an ERF B series of about 1976 vintage with a Rolls Royce 265 power plant and Fuller 9 speed gearbox. Following extensive conversion Steve took it to his first race meeting at Silverstone in August 1986 and now bitten with the bug, continued to race this truck for 3 seasons.

The second truck was purchased aleady built as a race truck but Steve modified it considerably before racing it. It was an ERF E series with a Cummins 14 litre Big Cam engine and Fuller 9 speed gearbox. With this truck Steve took second place in 1993 which was the nearest to the front since starting. This truck was run through to the 1995 season after which it was sold to Malta where it was converted for straight line drag racing at which it was very succesful..

1996 was a year out for Steve as he was concentrating his efforts on his transport business but it wasn't long before Truck 3 was purchased in the winter of 1996. This was a Seddon Atkinson 301 with a 14 litre Cummins Big Cam engine and 9 speed Fuller gearbox, already converted to a race truck. He raced it in 1997 and went on to win the championship in 1998 with this truck. It was sold to a newcomer who rolled it in his second meeting and wrote it off!!!

Truck 4, the Volvo White Aerodyne, was bought in the winter of 98/99 . The unit was powered by a Detroit deisel 60 series engine and Fuller 9 speed gearbox. The truck was previously campaigned by a Kent team who achieved consistent placings in Europe with it. At this time Steve had sponsorship from Palletways which enabled him to purchase the truck and no modifications were required, it was ready to go! And boy did it go! Steve won the British championship in 1999 and was second in 2000.

The truck is currently laying in an Enstone warehouse minus its engine and box. Steve is hoping to rebuild it someday so Ben can have a go at racing it.

Changes to the technical rules began to make the truck outdated in the second year eg. weight distribution, engine position etc. Steve changed the gearbox to a ZF 16 speed Eco Split for the 2001 season and achieved second place again, and 3rd place in 2002.

Truck 5 is an ERF ECX built in 21 weeks at Steves Enstone workshops using a 1996 truck that had finished its working life and completeley stripped back to bare chassis rails and bare cab shell. Built up to a competitive race truck for 2003 and '04 and now '05.

It is powered by a mid mounted 13 litre Detriot Diesel 4 stroke straight 6 engine developing 1200 hp. Gearbox is a ZF ecosplit with fluid quick change shift. MAN disc brake axles water cooled with adjustable shockers and suspension bars. Weighing in at 6,200 kgs. (The building and subsequent revamp over winter 04/05 can be viewed on the truck news page..)

Having started truck racing in 1986, the 2005 season will be Steve's 20th year driving in the British Championships. By winning in '98 and '99, followed by finishing in the top 3 for the last 5 seasons, Steve earnt the accolade of recording the highest number of yearly consistant podium finishes on record. It also makes him the longest serving truck racer competing in the UK at this time.

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